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    Working From Home Is Here To Stay – How Can You Get Your Team Wanting To Come Back To The Office?

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        Working from home has become the norm for many people over the last 18 months or so – and many workers admit to rather liking it. With no stressful commute to worry about, avoiding office politics and Zooming with your slippers on, what hasn’t there been to love about the WFH set-up?

        Nice as it has been, there has been a shift of late; employers are starting to take a keener approach to encourage their cohort back into the folds of their office space. But, how can bosses convince their team to fall back in love with the office?

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        Highlight The Social Aspect

        When it comes to working from home vs office, the office wins hands down from a social aspect. Let’s face it, working from home can be pretty lonely sometimes, without a sense of camaraderie and community that is embedded into office life. Bosses should aim to highlight the social side of office working, so that staff don’t feel like they’re missing out if they’re working from home.

        Ask For Feedback

        Many staff might be reluctant to get back to the office because they remember the things they didn’t like about it before working from home became the norm. Ask for feedback from staff to find out how the office environment could be improved for their return so that any niggles or concerns can be ironed out. This will show that you have the welfare of your employees in mind and that they are your priority when making decisions – hopefully enticing them back into the warming embrace of the office environment.

        Regardless of obtaining feedback from staff, now is a good opportunity to think about ways to make the office more comfortable, more welcoming and more modern, so consider a revamp before luring the team back.

        Highlight The Office Benefits

        Working from home isn’t necessarily always a winner in the work from home vs work from office debate. While there are obvious advantages to remote working, there are also plenty of plus points that come with being in an office. You just need to gently remind your staff of these! For starters, working in an office allows for better communication with colleagues, and there aren’t any of the distractions you might get at home, such as answering the front doorbell, pets needing feeding or jumping on the laptop, etc. Staff don’t need to worry about the costs of putting the heating on when in the office, and getting out of the house can provide for a refreshing change of scene.

        If your staffing requirements have changed now that your team are heading back to the office, get in touch with the experts at Headway Recruitment for a range of solutions.

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