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    What Is The Difference Between a Staffing Specialist vs. a Recruiter?

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        Specialist vs Recruiter?

        At first glance, it may seem like these are two titles for the same job – after all both roles are about getting people into work. There’s a definite difference between these roles though, and a definite difference in the skill set needed to do the job well. Here’s a simple guide to the difference between a staffing specialist vs a recruiter.


        What Is a Staffing Specialist?

        A staffing specialist is responsible for carrying out interviews and securing staff for a place of work. They will generally be part of the HR team at a larger company and play a key role in ensuring the very best employees become part of the company team. A staffing specialist will be involved in many aspects of a new recruit’s first experience of the company. As well as carrying out the initial selection process and interviews they may be part of the welcome and induction process, as well as any initial training programmes. They have top-notch communication skills, flawless admin talent and a strong eye for detail, as well as impeccable interpersonal skills that allow them to deliver specialist staffing solutions.

        What Is a Recruiter?

        A recruiter is responsible for attracting people to a role – selling the company to the best candidates. The best recruiters have an intimate knowledge of their client’s company culture and the type of candidate they seek. A recruiter will be involved in many aspects of the recruitment process, including drafting advertisements for specific roles, headhunting the perfect candidate for a client vacancy as well as maintaining an excellent reputation for their agency as experts in their field. Many recruitment specialists UK based also plays a role in making the job more attractive to clients, by taking on aspects such as salary and benefit negotiation, as well as specifics about the role.

        What Is The Difference?

        The best way to describe the difference between a staffing specialist and a recruiter is to think of the staffing specialist as meeting company needs for specific vacancies, and as the person who takes care of the initial stages of recruitment. A recruiter has a more nuanced role, one of matching the candidate to the company and vice versa. Choosing specialist recruitment agencies means you benefit from industry-specific skills and knowledge and choosing recruitment agencies Leeds based, like Headway means you have the added benefit of in-depth local knowledge, so you can be confident of finding the ideal candidate, every time.

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