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    What is our Why? What impact do we want B Corp status to have for everyone involved with Headway?

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        Well, we’re passionate about raising the bar in the industry because fair recruitment practices and purposeful leaders are a powerful force for good. Plus we love seeing the difference we make to businesses and careers. Admittedly that’s copy taken from our soon to be launched new website but it’s all true!


        As a business we get a chance to vote for the type of world we want live in every time we decide where to spend our time and money. That’s why we’re focusing on working with ethical suppliers and purpose driven clients. B Corp status is the best way for us to demonstrate this ethos in a real accountable way.

        The B Corp assessment rates each company and captures best practices regarding mission, measurement, and governance focusing on its workers, suppliers, community, and the environment.

        I always considered Headway to work in the best interests of not only our stakeholders but society, the environment as well. So it came as a shock when we first evaluated our score and realised we only registered 40 out of a possible 200! Though I was heartened when I read that any score higher than 0 points is a good score, as it indicates that a company is doing something positive for society and the environment.

        So that’s where we’re at now. Working hard behind the scenes to improve our score from 40 to 80+. It’s a time-consuming process but one that has made me think hard about every aspect of how I run the business. From eliminating paper waste to increased benefits for all the team.

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