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    What Causes Low Retention Rates In Temporary And Permanent Roles?

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        What causes low retention rates in temporary and permanent roles?

        It’s no secret that the UK has a retention problem. A recent study by the CIPD found that the average employee in the UK stays with their employer for just 4.2 years – less than half the global average of 10 years. While there are many possible reasons for this, one of the key factors is poor job fit. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at what causes low retention rates in temporary and permanent roles, and discuss some strategies for improving job fit and reducing turnover rates. 

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        The Main Reasons For Low Retention Rates In Both Temporary And Permanent Roles

        One of the most common reasons is poor working conditions, including long hours, low pay, and poor benefits.

        Other reasons can include a lack of job satisfaction or opportunities for advancement. Additionally, some employees may leave due to personal reasons, such as relocating to be closer to family or attending university.

        Finally, some employees may simply be unhappy with their current position and decide to seek employment elsewhere. No matter the reason, high turnover rates can be costly for businesses and can lead to a decline in morale among remaining employees.

        The Benefits Of Having A High Retention Rate

        A high retention rate has several benefits for employers;

        • First, it helps to reduce training costs, as new employees require less orientation and familiarisation than those who are starting from scratch.
        • Second, it helps to improve morale and motivation levels among existing staff, as they feel valued and appreciated.
        • Finally, it helps to create a stable work environment, which can be crucial for businesses that rely on continuity and predictability.

        Tips For Increasing The Chances Of Keeping An Employee In A Temporary Or Permanent role

        While there are many factors that can contribute to employee satisfaction, there are a few key things that employers can do to increase the chances of keeping an employee in a temporary or permanent role.

        First, it’s important to provide clear and concise job descriptions. This will help employees understand exactly what is expected of them and will reduce the likelihood of them becoming overwhelmed or burnt out.

        Second, employers should focus on creating a positive work environment. This means providing adequate resources, maintaining open communication channels, and promoting a healthy work/life balance.

        For more advice about retention rates for UK employers, visit Headway Recruitment.

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