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    What Are The Best Ways To Measure The Quality Of a Hire?

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        It’s important for recruiters and hiring managers to ensure they make good hires and to do this they must be able to measure how successful those hires were. Meaningful measurement facilitates discussions about recruiting performance and establishes key performance indicators as listed below.

        If you are looking for an employee you need the one with the best qualities. Here are some ways that you can measure the quality of hire.

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        Review Of The Performance

        When you think of how to measure the quality of hire, the first thing that comes to mind is the performance review. A performance review process assesses employers and evaluates their level of work input and output. It also serves to provide feedback to employees on how they can improve in their areas both professionally and personally. Performance reviews are normally conducted yearly and every time an employee gets promoted or changes positions. You need to check out the performance review of your potential employers to avoid frustrations once you start working.

        There are different ways of employing performance reviews. However, before doing so, companies need to have performance guidelines in place for all employees and managers. A clear set of standards for evaluating employee performance along with timescales clearly defines what quality means for the company.

        Looking At The Retention Rates By New Hires

        Another method of measuring the quality of hire is looking at the retention rates by new hires. This determines how many employees remain in their jobs after a year or some time, something that is closely linked to a company’s overall performance.

        The Length of The Hiring Process

        The length of the hiring process is also another method to measure the quality of hire. Generally, if the hiring process takes more than 3 months, it would be recommended to review the process and determine the reasons why it is taking so long. If it’s taking this long because of the recruiting activity or a lack of qualified candidates, then there are mishaps with the hire. As an employer, you should seek a recruiter who is straightforward with their processes.

        While looking at how to improve quality of hire, you should start using an automated tool for screening applications or looking for candidates outside a company’s immediate pool of workers. Contact us today and we will solve all your hiring challenges.

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