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    What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Hiring Remote Workers?

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        Working from home, also referred to as cloud, remote or virtual working, has become one of the most popular work trends since March 2020. So, read on to learn all about the pros and cons of employing remote workers today.

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        Why Hire Remote Workers?

        There are a number of advantages to hiring remote workers, including:

        Increased Level Of Engagement With Staff

        Many businesses report that working from home has helped increase staff engagement. While many employers were once worried that working from home could make employees unproductive, studies have reported an incredible 80% of employees actually feel greater levels of morale when working from home.

        Wider Talent Pool

        If you’re hiring remote workers, you’re no longer restricted to your geographical area. You can find the ideal and most qualified candidates without having to worry about paying for relocation packages.

        Lower Staff Turnover Rates

        We’ve lost count of how many times companies have lost excellent workers simply because they’ve relocated. With remote working, if your employees want to relocate, they won’t have to leave their job – all they need is a stable internet connection and a laptop, which they can take along with them wherever they go.


        A remote worker helps minimise the overall carbon footprint produced by your company, which is a great effort to go green. This is mainly because there’s no commuting involved.

        Reduced Overheads

        A huge and unexpected benefit of remote working is the reduction in overhead costs. Companies don’t need offices as big as they did previously and their electricity and water bills are significantly lower.

        Increased Productivity

        Depending on the environment your remote employee is working in, they can focus on the task at hand with little to no interruption. They’re away from distractions like coffee chats, idle gossip and birthday celebrations at the office. Instead, they can focus on their work without interruption.

        Disadvantages Of Hiring Remote Workers

        Understandably, some employers have concerns about managing remote workers, especially if their line of work doesn’t really suit WFH, such as construction. Other disadvantages to consider include:

        • Without monitoring and guidance, some people may not work as diligently as they would in an office.
        • It can lead to issues with communication if you don’t have adequate processes in place.
        • Not everyone enjoys working from home – you need to employ people who take initiative, have a high degree of independence, strong work ethic, are goal orientated and receptive to feedback.

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