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    The Essential Guide to Right to Work Share Codes in the UK

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        Share Codes. Since its introduction in July 2019 as part of post-Brexit legislation, the Right to Work Share Code has become a crucial component of the UK immigration system for verifying an employee’s right to work. This article will delve into the Share Code concept, guide on obtaining one in the UK, and discuss its appropriate utilisation.

        **What is a Share Code?**

        A Share Code is a unique nine-digit alphanumeric code issued by the UK government. It serves as digital proof for non-UK nationals to validate their right to work in the country. Employees use this code to showcase their immigration status and employment details to their employers.

        The Share Code furnishes crucial information, detailing the specific type of work the individual is legally allowed to undertake and the duration of their employment authorisation. Introduced as part of the UK immigration system, these codes aid employers in conducting effective right-to-work checks.

        **Key Aspects of a Right to Work Share Code**

        With the implementation of this right-to-work law, employers can no longer accept EU, EEA, or Swiss passports or ID cards as proof of applicants’ immigration status. Instead, UK employers must now conduct right-to-work checks for employees from European countries, making it crucial for HR teams and managers to understand the process and verify rights accurately. ?

        It’s essential to note that Share Codes serve a distinct purpose from UK visas. While a visa grants citizens the right to enter, stay temporarily, or live permanently in the country, a Share Code specifically confirms an individual’s right to work in the UK. ?


        **How to Use a Right to Work Share Code?**

        The government-issued Share Code streamlines the validation of overseas employees’ right to work for UK employers. By inputting the code and the applicant’s date of birth, employers can quickly verify several crucial details, including:

        1. **Authorised Job Types**: The Share Code reveals the specific types of jobs the candidate is eligible to perform. ?

        2. Employment Duration: Employers can ascertain the legal duration that the applicant is allowed to work in the UK. ⏱️

        3. **Access to Public Services**: The Share Code indicates whether the employee has access to public services like the National Health Service (NHS). ?

        4. **Rights to UK Benefits**: Employers can verify the applicant’s entitlement to UK benefits. ?

        5. **Financial Privileges**: The Share Code specifies the employee’s legal permission to open a bank account or apply for credit within the UK.

        It is vital to keep in mind that the Home Office-issued Share Code has a validity period of 30 days to prevent any potential fraudulent activities. Candidates must generate a new Share Code for further verification after this period.


        The Right to Work Share Code is a powerful tool. It streamlined the process of validating an employee’s right to work in the UK. By utilising this unique code, employers can quickly and accurately verify critical information. This is related to an employee’s immigration status and employment rights. As the UK immigration landscape continues to evolve, staying informed about the Share Code process is essential. Not only for HR teams but also hiring managers to ensure smooth and compliant recruitment practices.

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