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        Headway Recruitment: Project Management

        Welcome to Headway Recruitment’s Project Management Division.

        Located in Leeds and Bradford, we’re a renowned recruitment agency serving clients across the UK, specialising in Project Management roles. Our mission is to assist businesses of all sizes in finding highly skilled professionals who will drive growth and innovation and deliver your projects on time and on budget.

        As an established Project Management staffing agency, we’re well-versed in knowing the ins and outs of the role of a Project Manager. Responsible for planning, organising, and directing the completion of specific projects while ensuring delivery on time, on budget, and within scope.

        Our Unique Insight Approach

        What distinguishes us is our innovative Insight Approach. We believe that effective recruitment in Marketing goes beyond technical skills and qualifications. It’s about ensuring that a candidate’s personality and values align with your company’s culture. Our unique Insight Approach delves into a candidate’s personality traits, work preferences, and cultural fit, ensuring that your marketing team not only possesses the necessary technical skills but also fits seamlessly with your organisation’s values and objectives.

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        Sally Criddle

        Sally Criddle

        Recruitment & Development Manager

        Sally joined Headway in 2017 as our business development consultant. An opportunity to jump onto the recruitment desk resulted in the move to consultant where she thrived. More recently Sally has been promoted to Recruitment & Development Manager where she manages our key client relationships.

        With a solid background in sales and business development Sally is passionate about…

        …making a difference whether it be for a client, candidate or team member.

        Sally’s psychometric profile is Si. Those with the Si profile are also known as counsellors, being warm, social and highly interactive with others. We think that this describes Sally perfectly, and she agrees:

        I would say that this is truly me, I love a good catch up no matter if it’s a personal or professional gathering. I’m the team mum, and happy to be the butt of jokes around my quirky ways! I’m extremely lucky to have a great team of people who are as committed as I am to make a difference to the lives of clients and candidates.

        I’m in a role that fits me perfectly, I’m a people person and love to discover and uncover opportunities to bring client and candidates together. It’s just the best feeling being part of the team at Headway.

        Outside of work, Sally has a love of food and cooking. Her kitchen is the place where she unwinds and decides on which recipe will be on the supper menu from the groaning bookcase full of cookbooks!


        You should hire a Project Manager when your organisation is embarking on a big, new project or a significant transformation, such as updating systems and workflows to take you from SME to a corporation.

        When launching a new venture, your permanent or temporary Project Manager will be more likely to be able to help if you have specific, measurable and achievable goals. For example, it’s not enough to want your business to grow or develop a new product without knowing why.

        If you need to hire a Project Manager to help a team transition smoothly from one way of working to another, they need to fulfil this goal through three process stages: planning, managing, and reinforcement.

        Good Project Managers need to react quickly, solve problems and teach others. Therefore, if you need to hire a Project Manager, you need an organised, focused, diplomatic and methodical person.

        Project Managers act as leaders to prevent workers from getting distracted, so they need good people skills and the ability to communicate effectively. You should seek to hire a Project Manager who is experienced in keeping a department on track while making use of all available talent without creating frustration.

        Additionally, Project Managers should have a great understanding of their strengths and weaknesses, as well as insight into the strengths and weaknesses of others.

        They should also understand the task and have good prior industry knowledge while being able to track, disseminate and interpret information vital to a project.

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