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        Headway Recruitment: Supply Chain & Logistics

        Welcome to Headway Recruitment’s Supply Chain and Logistics Division.

        Our Procurement & Supply Chain team links up proactive employers with procurement, supply chain and logistics specialists who are adept at managing efficiencies, building relationships, and driving ESG.

        Headway use our specialised expertise to recruit permanent, fixed-term and contract positions for a variety of companies operating across the UK. Our network spans from leading blue-chip organisations to SMEs across a diverse range of sectors, including healthcare, automotive, energy, logistics and FMCG.

        At Headway we are aware that logistics is an essential function in most businesses, with strategic, analytical and broad-minded logistics professionals required to unlock growth and profitability in an increasingly challenging sector.

        Our Unique Insight Approach

        What distinguishes us is our innovative to logistics recruitment Insight Approach. We believe that effective recruitment goes beyond technical skills and qualifications. It’s about ensuring that a candidate’s personality and values align with your company’s culture. Our unique Insight Approach delves into a candidate’s personality traits, work preferences, and cultural fit, ensuring that your logistics department not only possesses the necessary technical skills but also fits seamlessly with your organisation’s values and objectives.

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        Logistics & Supply Chain Testimonials

        Your Logistics & Supply Chain Team

        Sam Mathieson

        Sam Mathieson


        Sam has over 20 years of experience in recruitment.

        Sam’s psychometric profile is an Si,a strong collaborator and a team player. She is a positive and approachable person who loves speaking to people in general. One of her strengths is building relationships with clients and candidates and helping them find their perfect match whether that be the perfect new employee or new job and is one of the reasons she loves working in recruitment.

        Out of work, Sam enjoys spending time with family and friends. She is creative and loves making things, especially jewellery, and runs her own small jewellery business/Etsy Shop. Don’t mess with Sam! She loves letting off steam by Thai Boxing.


        Headway Recruitment has observed a growing demand for candidates with expertise in data analytics, proficiency in supply chain management software, and a strong understanding of global logistics regulations.

        Our extensive experience reveals that industries such as e-commerce, pharmaceuticals, and technology are actively seeking skilled logistics professionals. Additionally, companies with a focus on sustainability are increasingly looking for talent in this field.

        Certifications in lean logistics, Six Sigma, and supply chain management are highly valued. Our unique insight model has shown that employers appreciate candidates with a continuous learning mindset, so staying updated on industry trends is also beneficial.

        Our 40 years of experience indicate that automation, blockchain technology, and sustainability practices are shaping the future of logistics. Candidates can prepare by gaining familiarity with these technologies and showcasing adaptability.

        Based on our unique insight model, a typical progression might involve roles such as Logistics Coordinator, Supply Chain Analyst, and then advancing to managerial positions like Operations Manager or Logistics Director.

        Our experience suggests highlighting specific achievements related to process improvement, cost reduction, and successful project implementations. Quantifiable metrics are particularly attractive to employers.

        Our seasoned recruiters follow a comprehensive process that involves initial screenings, skills assessments, and in-depth interviews. We leverage our unique insight model to match candidates with roles that align with their skills, experiences, and career aspirations.

        Our 40 years in the industry have shown that candidates may face challenges in demonstrating their adaptability to new technologies and global supply chain dynamics. We assist candidates in addressing these challenges through personalized coaching and support.

        Our unique insight model allows us to closely align candidates with companies that match their values and work preferences. We work with a diverse range of organizations, each with its unique culture, and we prioritize finding the best cultural fit for our candidates.

        Our extensive experience indicates a high demand for professionals with expertise in data analytics, strategic planning, and supply chain optimization. Strong communication skills and the ability to collaborate cross-functionally are also highly sought after.

        Remote work has become more prevalent in the logistics sector, particularly in roles that involve data analysis, planning, and technology implementation. Our unique insight model helps identify remote work opportunities and ensures a seamless transition for candidates.

        Our experience shows that companies in the logistics sector prioritize continuous learning. They often provide opportunities for certifications, workshops, and mentorship programs to help professionals stay at the forefront of industry trends.

        Our unique insight model emphasizes the importance of proficiency in logistics software such as SAP, Oracle, and advanced knowledge of data analytics tools. Familiarity with emerging technologies like blockchain and automation is also advantageous.

        Our 40 years of experience have shown that successful candidates often possess a combination of technical expertise, problem-solving abilities, and strong interpersonal skills. Those who showcase adaptability and a results-driven mindset tend to excel in logistics roles.

        Upcoming challenges include supply chain disruptions, increased customer expectations, and the need for sustainable practices. Candidates can distinguish themselves by demonstrating their ability to navigate these challenges and contribute to innovative solutions.

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