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        IT & Cyber Security Recruitment

        Discover Your Perfect Tech Team with Headway

        Welcome to your ultimate destination for IT and Cyber Security recruitment solutions.

        Here at Headway, we’re not your typical IT recruitment agency. We partner with our clients to really deliver. Whether it’s Senior Development Analysts or Help Desk Supervisors.

        Do we harness the power of AI, automation, and cutting-edge technology? Absolutely, we do in our INSIGHT process. However, it’s crucial to remember that emotional intelligence still plays a vital role at every step of the recruitment process. That’s why we prioritise investing in people first to ensure we find you the talent first time.

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        IT & Cyber Security Testimonials

        Your IT & Cyber Security Team

        Sally Criddle

        Sally Criddle

        Recruitment & Development Manager

        Sally joined Headway in 2017 as our business development consultant. An opportunity to jump onto the recruitment desk resulted in the move to consultant where she thrived. More recently Sally has been promoted to Recruitment & Development Manager where she manages our key client relationships.

        With a solid background in sales and business development Sally is passionate about…

        …making a difference whether it be for a client, candidate or team member.

        Sally’s psychometric profile is Si. Those with the Si profile are also known as counsellors, being warm, social and highly interactive with others. We think that this describes Sally perfectly, and she agrees:

        I would say that this is truly me, I love a good catch up no matter if it’s a personal or professional gathering. I’m the team mum, and happy to be the butt of jokes around my quirky ways! I’m extremely lucky to have a great team of people who are as committed as I am to make a difference to the lives of clients and candidates.

        I’m in a role that fits me perfectly, I’m a people person and love to discover and uncover opportunities to bring client and candidates together. It’s just the best feeling being part of the team at Headway.

        Outside of work, Sally has a love of food and cooking. Her kitchen is the place where she unwinds and decides on which recipe will be on the supper menu from the groaning bookcase full of cookbooks!

        Sam Mathieson

        Sam Mathieson


        Sam has over 20 years of experience in recruitment.

        Sam’s psychometric profile is an Si,a strong collaborator and a team player. She is a positive and approachable person who loves speaking to people in general. One of her strengths is building relationships with clients and candidates and helping them find their perfect match whether that be the perfect new employee or new job and is one of the reasons she loves working in recruitment.

        Out of work, Sam enjoys spending time with family and friends. She is creative and loves making things, especially jewellery, and runs her own small jewellery business/Etsy Shop. Don’t mess with Sam! She loves letting off steam by Thai Boxing.


        No two projects are the same; time, effort, risk and volume influence the final cost of our services. 

        We charge between 18% and 22% of one year salary of the successful candidate for our INSIGHT projects. 

        Schedule a meeting with us to find out more.

        Plenty! We even added several references to our website.

        Let us know, and we will bring you in contact with one of our clients that had projects similar to yours.

        1. Assess IT security experience by requesting practical examples and analogies to gauge communication skills. Ensure the consultant can articulate security risks in simple terms.
        2. Evaluate the consultant’s approach to security risks by focusing on a risk-based strategy and identifying critical business risks.
        3. Inquire about who will perform the actual work to avoid surprises, especially the substitution of junior associates for experienced consultants.
        4. Ensure effective communication throughout the project by discussing the consultant’s work plan, deliverables, and measurement of progress.
        5. Determine the level of support and resources required from your company for the consultancy to make an informed decision.
        6. Ask about employee training, emphasizing the importance of educating your team to maintain security measures.
        7. Explore past challenges and failures to gauge the consultant’s honesty and problem-solving skills.

        Regarding IT security certifications, consider practical experience as the primary indicator of a consultant’s expertise, although advanced qualifications like OSCP can hold value for specialized roles.

        Email, call or schedule a meeting with us. We love to talk and meet people.

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