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        Now more than ever, the time that you invest into your business is crucial. Recruiting new employees can be an extremely time-consuming process, especially in consideration of the inflated amount of CVs that you will most likely be receiving as a response to COVID-19.


        Whilst you may be thinking that now is not the time for external spends, the likelihood is that you’re spending more money in lost time by sifting through countless applications and CVs. Not only that, but finding the right candidate for your business goes beyond a person’s skills and experience – the paper CV is just the beginning and we believe that our candidates are much more than just a CV number.

        Effective recruitment is all about sourcing those candidates who have a strong ambition to learn and develop, and finding someone that fits perfectly into your company isn’t easy when you’re trying to run a business.

        Insight Model

        Our unique Insight model gives you the tools you need to ensure that you hire staff that stay, thrive and achieve results. Through Psychometrics, we can match personality characteristics and aptitude to specific job requirements, meaning there’s no risk of a square peg in a round hole, saving you both time and money.


        The first stage of our model; this is where we get to know exactly what your business objectives, aspirations and values are. We believe that the foundation of successful recruitment relies upon a working relationship built on trust. In this stage, we’ll explore your culture, your goals and ambitions, your requirements and even your previous recruits (both good and bad).

        Salary Survey – In the foundation stage you will have access to data that can give an indication as to the bottom 10%, top 10% and median salaries based on the job title and location. This will help ensure employees are paid fairly, and give a higher chance of landing the top targets by being able to quickly extend a fair offer.

        Brand Archetype Tool – Archetypes are the symbols of your minds subconscious desires and truths. Whilst that may sound spiritual, helping you to understand your brand’s archetype will help you effectively communicate with existing and future clients.

        When we know exactly what you stand for, it helps us find candidates who will fit perfectly into your organisation, especially when coupled with the information surrounding your business objectives and company culture.


        Here we use the information that you provided in the process stage to connect with the skilled candidates who are a perfect match for your company. We do this through the use of AI technology, to ensure that our search only returns the most relevant people for your role.

        AI Matching Technology – AI technology helps us find a pool of high-performing candidates and broadens our search terms, meaning that you have a higher chance of finding the perfect fit.


        Candidates are then thoroughly vetted and interviewed via video by our recruitment experts, guaranteeing that the best fit for your role is found through the use of psychometric profiles, which you will be provided with a copy of.

        Psychometric Profiling – If you haven’t heard of psychometric profiling, it’s how we determine the suitability for a role based on the required personality characteristics and aptitude (or cognitive abilities). It also helps to determine whether the individual is a risk taker or cautious, shy or outgoing, and if they’d be a good culture fit.


        Here you will receive a video of each of our selected candidates answering your top 3 interview questions, meaning that you only have to interview the candidates you’ve approved, saving you a huge amount of time. As well as this, we provide you with an interview template that is specific to your applicants’ psychometric profile, giving you the tools you need to make the best hiring decision.

        Video Interviewing Software- If you haven’t explored video interviewing as an option before then you were actually already a little behind the curve, as many businesses have been enjoying the added flexibility video provides for some time.

        Flexibility isn’t the only benefit that our video interviewing software provides, it also saves time, ensures you only get the best talent and keeps your business moving forward. Video interviewing software can increase your interview to hire ratio by 70%.


        Your journey doesn’t end once we place a candidate. This is only the beginning – once we’ve found you the perfect employee, we’ll provide a training and development plan that guarantees your new team member hits the ground running. This is based on their psychometric profile and guarantees instant results from your new high performing team.

        If your return to the office has driven your desire to further grow your business, but you don’t feel as though you have access to the tools that will ensure you hire the right candidate the first time, contact the Headway team to start your recruitment journey today.

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