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    How to spot when Job Candidates Are Lying In Psychometric Profiling

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        The psychometric profiling test is often used in candidate recruitment in order to see how suitable someone is for a given role, based on their personality and capabilities. They are an excellent way to source a candidate who is a great fit for your team. But how can you tell if a candidate is lying during a psychometric profiling, sometimes thereby negating the purpose of it altogether? Read on to find out!

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        How To Test Effectively

        The effectiveness of psychometric profiling is a subject of some debate, but they are most effective when carried out in certain circumstances. For example, you ask indirect questions, which force the candidate to rely on their own judgement. The test is often made up of ranking things in order of preference, making it difficult for candidates to detect a “right” or more preferable answer.

        The Science Of Psychometric Profiling

        Pre employment psychometric profiling is based on scientific evidence, which is used to measure patterns and consistencies within responses. Therefore, using an assessment that has some scientific merit is a better way to root out the right candidate.

        Difficulty Of Detection

        Lying is hard to spot during interviews, but psychometric profiling makes it easier to detect a candidate’s true thoughts and feelings on subjects. This is why some people believe that psychometric profiling for interview purposes is a more reliable way to source the right potential employee.

        Location Matters

        With everything being increasingly digital, it may be tempting to carry out psychometric profiling offsite. However, testing onsite gives the candidate less time to think about their answers and makes them more likely to answer “off the cuff” and honestly. This makes the test that little bit more valid, by taking them slightly out of their comfort zone.

        Follow Up

        Once the psychometric test is complete, assess the answers and follow up with a face-to-face interview. This is the best way to assess the truthfulness of the candidate in combination with the psychometric profile. Ask questions based on the answers given, especially if you have found anything of concern.

        So, is psychometric profiling accurate? There is strong evidence to suggest that psychometric testing can help you to find a great fit for your company. However, if you are looking for another way to source that perfect candidate, get in touch with Headway Recruitment. We are experts in finding the right match for you, so let us know how we can help.

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