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    How To Reduce High Staff Turnover

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        No company wants to have the kind of high staff turnover where they might as well install a revolving door. That’s not good for your company or your customers, with potential loss of profits, efficiency, and the high costs of hiring and training new employees. Luckily, there are so many things you can do to make sure your staff love where they work and want to stick around.

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        Invest In Your Recruitment

        It might sound obvious, but if you start by hiring the right people to begin with, your staff turnover rate is likely to be far lower. Invest in experienced HR staff who understand your business, and tell them exactly what and who you need.

        Create a Great Company Culture

        It’s really obvious when you work for a good company. There’s a great atmosphere, high energy, and it’s clear that the staff are happy and feel heard and appreciated. That comes from the top-down, with a lot of work from everyone to offer decent pay and benefits, and to create a good working environment where staff want to stay.

        Offer Clear Staff Development

        Most employees want to learn, grow and improve. They want to know that there are possibilities for development and training and that they have opportunities for advancement. With training and clear plans for staff development in place, you’ll keep everyone from new starters to long-serving employees happy.

        Employee Recognition

        It’s so important to recognise your employees for great work. If your employees feel seen and appreciated for all the work they put in, and for their achievements, they’re far more likely to feel motivated and want to stay.

        Flexible Working Options

        Flexible working can be a lifesaver for parents if they need to take their children to appointments or attend school performances and important events, but it’s definitely a nice-to-have option for any employee. It’s even better if you can offer the option of working from home, part-time working and flexi-time. People then feel more in control of their working hours, and their life, which, you’ve guessed it, reduces staff turnover.

        Open and Honest Working Environment

        In an open environment, employees feel comfortable talking about any concerns they have. They’re also more likely to come up with ideas and improvements because they know they’ll be listened to. That’s a great way to solve problems and end job frustrations, as well as making your employees feel valued.

        So much of good staff recruitment and retention is about communication, from discussing the employees you need to make sure you know how your employees feel and what will make a good staff retention scheme. And if you keep communicating, and keep improving your recruitment, your company culture, and what your company offers employees, then improving staff retention is definitely possible. And you can keep that revolving door firmly shut.

        If you’re looking to recruit new staff, get in touch with our team at Headway Recruitment today.

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