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    How To Keep Staff Motivated And Engaged

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        Although we appear to be waving our goodbyes to the Covid19 pandemic, for employees everywhere things are still looking miserable.

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        We are deep into a cost-of-living crisis, the scale of which has not been seen in the UK for decades and more than a few full-time workers are struggling. When we have to choose between a third meal of the day or heating our house for an hour, trouble in the workplace can be the straw that breaks the camel’s back.

        In 2021 we saw the Great Resignation in which many workers decided that they deserved better, and jumped ship for greener pastures. And with the last few golden leaves falling from the trees and the Winter cold setting in, plus the looming busiest period of the year, Christmas, right around the corner, you may find more and more of your team staring out the window, wondering what else they could be spending their life on instead of their current job.

        Many businesses drop the ball on all the little things they could be doing that could mean the difference between a good day and a bad day, so let’s take a look…

        1. Listen

        When your employee comes to you with something on their mind, listen to them. Staff members who don’t feel listened to will feel disrespected and under-valued. If they feel that their opinion does not matter in their job, they could easily become demotivated.

        1. Mentor

        Be a role model for all of your team members and act as a mentor for them to help them grow and achieve their potential. Bosses who take the time to go the extra mile for their employees will have their kindness repaid.

        1. Invest

        Send your employees on training courses and workshops, even if the skill they could earn only seems minimally relevant to their role. It’s important for workers to grow in a well-rounded capacity, and your team will appreciate the investment you’re undertaking.

        1. Pay

        Minimum wage tells the employee that they are not cared for in the slightest. Always pay in line with industry standards and never describe your pay as “competitive” – if you find yourself doing so, take that as a sign that you are not paying well.

        1. Reward

        Never reward hard work with more work. If an employee gets all of their work done with time to spare, allow them to go home early – efficiency should be rewarded, and never discouraged. Offer progression within the business by setting goals and milestones that are easily visualised and achievable.


        We are coming up to Christmas and New Year, but once the fairy lights come down, we are looking at cold and dark January and February, with a special appearance by Blue Monday on the third Monday of January! Since we spend the majority of our waking hours in the workplace, how we feel at work can make all the difference to our overall well-being. If you’d like to find out even more on how to keep your staff motivated and engaged not only through the holidays, but also through the difficult times afterwards, contact the experts at Headway today.

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