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    How To Choose A Recruitment Agency

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        When you are in need of new temporary workers, it’s vital that you choose a reputable recruitment agency who will thoroughly screen candidates, distribute wages fairly, and stay in contact throughout the hiring process.

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        There are some scrupulous agencies out there, though, who take your fees and deliver unqualified and unsuitable workers – or no workers at all.

        So what can you do to make sure you don’t get scammed? Here is how to choose a good recruitment agency that delivers on time and keeps your business staffed at all times.

        How To Choose A Recruitment Agency For Temporary Employees

        1. Know The Job You’re Hiring For

        Make sure you know the position that needs filling, inside and out. Some recruitment agencies will be great at finding you candidates for one sector but not another. If you know the job well, then you’ll be able to choose a recruitment agency that specialises in that specific type of position.

        1. What Type Of Agency Do You Want To Use?

        There are 4 main types: high street, industry specialist, temporary worker, and executive search. All four types specialise differently and will be able to help you in their own way. Know the one that is best for you before approaching.

        1. Don’t Worry About Location

        The location of the recruitment agency doesn’t matter as much as it may seem – most recruitment agencies cast a very wide net and have great connections, so don’t let distance put you off. You may just miss out on your dream candidate!

        1. Don’t Focus On Cost

        Okay, do focus on cost – just don’t make it your dealbreaker. After all, every time you have to replace a worker, you’ll have to pay more to replace and train up the new candidate. It would be a far better investment to pay a little bit more beforehand, to an expert recruiter, who can find you the right candidate the first-time round.

        1. Look For Accreditations And Memberships

        Professional, trustworthy recruitment agencies will have the badges to back them up. You should see logos on their website or marketing materials, and they should be talking openly about the professional approvals they have, too. If you are considering a recruitment company that doesn’t seem to have anything of the sort, proceed with caution.

        1. Look For Success Stories

        Testimonials are a fantastic addition to any recruitment agency’s portfolio, and what company wouldn’t want to show off their glowing reviews? Check external sources and third parties too. If nothing comes up whatsoever, be careful – the company may be too new to have drawn negative attention to itself and may be operating in the dark.

        Watch Out For Red Flags – And Get In Touch With Headway!

        Dodgy recruitment agencies are everywhere, so it’s important to be on guard and make sure you don’t get fooled. Following the above tips is a great start, and will help you to keep your eyes open and spot red flags in the recruitment industry. But you can always do more, such as contacting the team at Headway to find out even more about how you can find the ideal recruitment agency for you.

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