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    How Important Is a Nice Office For Your Staff?

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        If you’re looking to get the thumbs up from your staff, giving them a nice, comfortable, clean and modern space to work in is essential. Here’s why nice office design matters.


        Improves Productivity

        There’s tons of evidence to suggest that when staff work in a comfortable and pleasing office environment, it can have a positive impact on their productivity levels. This kind of makes sense – after all, if you like where you work, you’re going to feel happy being there, which can improve staff wellbeing and make you more motivated in your work.

        Better Collaboration and Communication

        When deciding how to make an office look nice, one of the main issues is to make sure that employees can easily collaborate and communicate with each other. Key design features should include an open layout or communal spaces, for instance. Being able to work better with colleagues can encourage a team spirit, increased creativity and improve ways of doing things.

        Ergonomic Considerations

        A nice office should look great, but in the quest to win over staff, it should also be comfortable and ergonomically well-designed. After all, if staff are expected to spend eight hours of their day in your space, it makes sense that they should have somewhere comfortable to sit, with the right kind of equipment they need to do their jobs properly. You should also consider giving staff different areas to work in, to provide a change of scenery as well as accommodate for various task requirements, such as a quiet space or a collaborative space. This can help staff to stay focused, and foster engagement with their work.

        Welcome Nature To Your Space

        Increasing numbers of savvy businesses recognise that introducing nature into the working environment can have a positive impact on employee wellbeing, productivity and morale. Adding plants to an office can provide a soothing effect, and it’s also good for mopping up chemicals and such emitted from equipment or furniture. Think about natural lighting, too, rather than harsh, strip lights, which make a space feel cold and unappealing to work in.

        Caring about how the office environment looks and adding features that enhance staff wellbeing, makes for a happier and more productive workplace, which could improve your bottom line, and may even boost staff retention.

        If you’re looking for new recruits to enjoy the benefits of your appealing office environment, contact the experts at Headway Recruitment to discuss your staffing needs.

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