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    Headway Recruitment won’t be around for much longer…………………………….

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        I should probably clarify that statement. I’m talking about the wider context of history so 50 years or so.

        No one can predict what the future holds. Recruitment agencies may be replaced by some new technology for growing your team that doesn’t yet exist. We may all be living in the Matrix by then?!


        Everything has an era, a life span — ideas, technologies, nations, scientific theories, belief systems, and catchphrases. The longevity of any given thing varies tremendously.

        Enter the Lindy effect, a fascinating concept that tells us something profound about longevity. Simply put, the older something is, the more likely it is to endure into the future. Now, if you’re curious to delve deeper into this idea, I highly recommend David Cain’s thought-provoking article, “This Will Not Always Be a Thing.”

        The AI Era

        In this context, it’s good to know that Headway Recruitment has been a steadfast presence for 43 years and counting. Over this span, we’ve evolved from teaching typewriting skills to navigating the ever-exciting AI era. I may be biased but I like to think that this longevity isn’t just a testament to our resilience; it’s a reflection of our commitment to adapt, innovate, and stay ahead of the curve.

        The Lindy effect offers us a valuable tool to foresee what might stand the test of time – and what future generations might choose to leave behind. Fidget spinners and TikTok dances might fade into oblivion, but the essence of human connection, growth, and community will persist.


        For some longevity in your business and team get in contact with us today for a chat about growing your team.

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