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    Everest… I Failed!

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        So anyone who has seen me in the last few weeks will have heard all about my trip to Nepal and Everest base camp. Yes Mark you’ve told us already (eyes glaze over). Well I’ve got a confession to make. I failed. No, I really did trek to base camp and no I didn’t get a helicopter there (I didn’t realise that was an option until too late!).

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        ‘I Felt Like A Failure’

        In my mind though I felt like a failure. Why? Well the day after we reached basecamp, we were given the option to climb Kala Patthar, a mountain just east of Everest with spectacular views. This would have involved more climbing, a higher altitude, and a 3am start. So after 9 days of trekking I decided that a lie in and a leisurely breakfast would be a much more sensible option.

        Waking up the next morning after a full night of rest I felt happy with my decision. My altitude sickness had eased, I was feeling good and ready to start the decent back to civilisation. However, as time went on, I had a niggling thought at the back of my mind, what did I miss out on? Could I have pushed myself harder. Would I have got more spectacular pictures from Kala Patthar?

        It’s All About Perspective

        Now I’m back home I’m quite happy with my trip and the fact I made it to Everest at all. I guess it’s all about perspective, on day one I’d have been delighted with completing the 12 day trek and getting home in one piece.

        On day 10 I felt like I’d failed for not climbing higher than base camp. As I reflect on another year in recruitment, I find similarities in my way of thinking. I’m naturally drawn to thinking about the companies we would have liked to work with, the senior level positions we would love to have filled.

        Time To Reflect

        When I take a step back and reflect though I realise what fantastic job my team have done. I feel grateful for the great companies we work with and the difference our candidates have made to those businesses. Working life can sometimes feel like climbing Everest and it’s only right that we celebrate when things go well. I know the year is not over yet but thoughts are naturally turning to targets and goals for 2020.

        At Headway we’ll keep banging the drum for psychometric profiling and our INSIGHT model to help more companies and individuals. In terms of personal goals though I think I might skip mountains and trekking next year and take the kids to Centre Parcs instead! What goals have you set for next year? Either personal or professional.

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