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    Don’t Let A Temporary Recruitment Agency Run Off With Your Money – How To Spot A Big Old Fake!

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        Are fake recruitment agencies really a thing? you may be wondering. Sadly, yes, they are a thing, and they may be becoming more common by the day. Whether they are a fly by night company that will disappear without a trace, or a legitimate-looking company with a nice website that you just can’t seem to find testimonials for, here are some signs that are dealing with a dodgy recruitment agency.


        •  First of all, you need to narrow down your search criteria – a recruitment agency should have some specific sectors that they specialise in, and it’s unlikely that they would stray outside of those specialities. If a recruitment agency claims to specialise in finding candidates for any and all industries, that’s unusual, so proceed with caution.
        • In a similar vein, the type of candidates that a recruiter finds for you should also fall within certain parameters and the recruiter should be able to clearly illustrate those parameters for you. If the recruitment consultant is vague about the candidates they have shortlisted, their skills, where they are based and so on, treat this with scepticism. There should be no question-dodging when it comes to information about potential candidates.
        • Recruitment specialists should show interest in your company by asking appropriate questions about the roles you are looking to hire for, the entry levels, if the candidates must have certain levels of experience, and how long you need the position filling for. Recruiters who don’t ask questions like this are waving a red flag at you.

        To help cut down on the chances of a scammy recruiter slipping through the cracks, ask them about their agency, their background, their hiring process, and about other companies who they have recruited for.

        They should be able to point you towards independent testimonials of their services. And, of course, dodgy recruiters don’t just target companies, but they prey on potential candidates too, so keep an eye out for anyone complaining about being cut short by a recruiter.

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        To make sure you don’t get taken advantage of by a fake recruitment agency in 2023, keep the above checklist in mind. Some recruitment agencies are not scams, but they are simply bad at what they do. Remembering what to look for in a good recruitment agency will really pay dividends in ensuring that you get the best temporary workers for you and your company. For temporary staff recruitment, click here to contact the expert team at Headway today.

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