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        Your Partner in Administrative and Secretarial Talent Acquisition

        Based in Leeds and Bradford, Headway Recruitment boasts a team of seasoned experts in administrative and secretarial recruitment.

        We specialise in promptly identifying permanent, interim, and temporary candidates equipped with the administrative and secretarial skills your organisation demands. Our mission is to simplify your hiring process, saving you precious time and effort, all while facilitating seamless, consecutive interviews with your top candidates in the administrative and secretarial domains.

        Our journey began in 1980, and although the typewriter has long been replaced by modern technology, the demand for skilled individuals in administration and office support roles remains high. Whether you are in Leeds, Bradford, or beyond, we understand the significance of these positions and the vital role they play in the smooth operation of businesses.

        We’re not just recruitment consultants; we’re your partners in achieving administrative excellence. Whether you’re searching for Executive Assistants or Office Managers, we’ve got you covered. Our approach harnesses the power of AI, automation, and advanced technology through our INSIGHT process. However, we understand that emotional intelligence remains an indispensable component throughout the recruitment journey. That’s why we place people at the forefront of our strategy, ensuring we connect you with the ideal administrative and secretarial talent from the outset.

        At Headway, we highly regard data, alongside the quality of our client relationships. While many agencies claim to have exceptional databases, we take pride in our award-winning system, setting us apart by empowering us to uncover those elusive candidates that others simply can’t reach.

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        Admin & Office Support Testimonials

        Your Admin & Office Support Team

        Sally Criddle

        Sally Criddle

        Recruitment & Development Manager

        Sally joined Headway in 2017 as our business development consultant. An opportunity to jump onto the recruitment desk resulted in the move to consultant where she thrived. More recently Sally has been promoted to Recruitment & Development Manager where she manages our key client relationships.

        With a solid background in sales and business development Sally is passionate about…

        …making a difference whether it be for a client, candidate or team member.

        Sally’s psychometric profile is Si. Those with the Si profile are also known as counsellors, being warm, social and highly interactive with others. We think that this describes Sally perfectly, and she agrees:

        I would say that this is truly me, I love a good catch up no matter if it’s a personal or professional gathering. I’m the team mum, and happy to be the butt of jokes around my quirky ways! I’m extremely lucky to have a great team of people who are as committed as I am to make a difference to the lives of clients and candidates.

        I’m in a role that fits me perfectly, I’m a people person and love to discover and uncover opportunities to bring client and candidates together. It’s just the best feeling being part of the team at Headway.

        Outside of work, Sally has a love of food and cooking. Her kitchen is the place where she unwinds and decides on which recipe will be on the supper menu from the groaning bookcase full of cookbooks!


        At Headway Recruitment, we utilise a multi-faceted approach to identify and source qualified finance and accountancy candidates. This includes an extensive network of professionals in the industry, advanced job boards, and a database of pre-screened candidates with strong cultural fit and expertise.

        We have a proven track record of successfully recruiting for specialised finance roles. Our tailored approach and comprehensive candidate profiling ensure we can match candidates with the specific expertise required for roles like tax accountants or financial analysts.

        We use a rigorous screening process, including technical assessments and in-depth interviews, to evaluate a candidate’s accounting skills and qualifications. Our goal is to ensure that candidates not only have the right qualifications but also the practical skills needed for the role.

        Our INSIGHT approach is designed to evaluate both technical qualifications and cultural fit. We assess a candidate’s soft skills, such as communication and teamwork, to ensure they align with your company culture, thereby promoting excellent staff retention rates.

        We meticulously verify candidates’ certifications and qualifications to ensure they meet the specific requirements of the roles. Our partnership with professional organisations and ongoing industry knowledge allows us to validate credentials effectively.

        We conduct thorough reference checks and background verifications as part of our due diligence process. This ensures that candidates have a history of strong performance and ethical conduct in previous roles.

        We are committed to staying up-to-date with industry trends and regulatory changes through ongoing education and collaboration with industry professionals. This enables us to provide you with candidates who are well-informed and adaptable in the ever-evolving financial landscape.

        Yes, we have experience in recruiting for a wide range of finance positions, from entry-level to senior executive roles. Our diverse talent pool allows us to cater to your specific hiring needs.

        Headway Recruitment is equipped to manage high-volume recruitment campaigns with efficiency and precision. Our processes and technology enable us to source, assess, and place candidates quickly and effectively while maintaining quality and cultural fit.

        We prioritise data privacy and confidentiality. Our secure systems and adherence to data protection regulations ensure that sensitive financial information and candidate data are safeguarded throughout the recruitment process.

        We measure success based on various KPIs, including time-to-fill, candidate retention rates, client satisfaction, and the long-term impact of placed candidates. Our goal is to ensure that your recruitment needs are met effectively and sustainably.

        Headway Recruitment has a strong track record of successful placements in finance and accountancy roles. We’ve helped numerous clients fill key positions, resulting in increased productivity and positive impacts on their businesses.

        In cases of candidate shortages, we leverage our extensive network and industry knowledge to proactively identify and attract suitable candidates. Our commitment to the INSIGHT approach ensures that candidates we present not only have the expertise but also fit your company culture.

        We leverage advanced technology and a variety of job boards to reach a wide and relevant candidate pool. However, our emphasis is on understanding our candidates’ profiles deeply, and our INSIGHT approach is key to ensuring we identify the best-fit candidates.

        We prioritise the candidate experience and maintain open and respectful communication throughout the process. Our commitment to ongoing support and feedback, regardless of the outcome, ensures a positive experience for all candidates.

        We have expertise in negotiating job offers, including complex compensation structures and bonuses. Our goal is to facilitate transparent and mutually beneficial negotiations that align with your organisation’s compensation strategy.

        Our commitment extends beyond the initial placement stage. We work closely with your team to support the onboarding and integration of new hires, ensuring a smooth transition and a positive impact on your business.

        At Headway Recruitment, we prioritise long-term relationships. We maintain open lines of communication, provide ongoing support, and consistently deliver quality service to both our clients and candidates to foster enduring partnerships.

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