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    6 ways to boost employee engagement in your company

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        A committed and invested workforce is important for the success of any business. It can help to increase productivity, boost retention rate and strengthen morale. Therefore, you need to focus on keeping your employees engaged and happy in their work and in your company.

        This is easily achievable if you put in some time, thought and effort. To help you out, we have put together some top tips for creating a happy workforce. So read on to discover the six best ways to boost employee engagement in your company.

        Hold regular catch-ups

        Waiting until an employee’s yearly review to discuss their progress isn’t ideal. You need to catch-up with your employees on a regular basis (not just once a year), to ensure they’re on track with your business goals and are achieving what they want to as well.

        By holding monthly meetings with your employees, you can discuss their targets, workload and general wellbeing, giving them a chance to discuss any problems they may be facing.

        Don’t underestimate the power of spending time with them one on one – can it help them to feel supported and motivated.

        It’s also a good idea to remind your employees of how their work is contributing to the wider team’s success. If employees feel valued and not just like they’re another cog in the wheel, they’re more likely to want to stay with your company and play a real part in the business’ performance.

        Recognise achievements

        If your employees are working hard, but their efforts aren’t being recognised, they might start to feel unappreciated. So be sure to reward their successes and show that you’ve noticed and that you value your staff.

        This doesn’t have to be an expensive gesture either, just make sure you remember to say thank you every now and then.

        You could even launch an employee of the month scheme, to reward those who have worked exceptionally hard that month. Make sure you also say thank you to your employees who have gone out of their way to be helpful.

        Have clear goals

        Everyone should understand what’s expected of them and know their role within the team. Setting your employees regular targets can help to keep them engaged. These could be both individual or team targets and will give them a clear focus each month.

        Your company should also have a clear mission statement and set goals for the business. If all of your employees are working towards the same goals, they’ll be better equipped to work as a team and they can clearly see how their work contributes to the overall success of the company.

        Employees want to feel valued, so you need to ensure your workplaces offers a supportive working environment.

        For example, if an employee is going through a difficult time, it’s important to be compassionate and help them when you can. Showing you care will help to keep your staff happy and therefore more engaged with your company.

        A big part of this is having an open door policy, where you encourage honest communication. Employees need to know that they can talk to you about any worries they may have, so present yourself as someone who is easily approachable.

        Plan social events

        Social events provide a great opportunity for employees to have some fun, relax and get to know their colleagues better. Anything from bowling, to after work drinks could be a big hit. Plus these are great team building activities to get employees working together and making friends.

        If your team get on well, it will help to create a fun and friendly atmosphere where people enjoy coming to work. So organise these events for your employees to socialise with one another, even if it’s once every month or so.

        Offer regular training and development opportunities

        Training can boost morale, teach your employees new skills and challenge them to change up old ways of working. So make sure you offer your employees regular training sessions and allow them to attend industry events to keep them up-to-date with the latest trends.

        Development opportunities are also important, as your employees will want to feel that they’re progressing within your company. To make this happen, you can internally hire for positions, encouraging employees to take on new responsibilities in the hopes of landing a promotion.

        Boosting employee engagement in your company

        Creating a workplace where employees are engaged is important for many reasons. It means that your workers are motivated and invested in your company and want to put in the time to ensure your business is a success. Be sure to follow our tips above to make this happen.

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