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    5 Reasons Why You Should Use a Recruitment Agency

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        Recruitment can be one of the hardest things about running a business, especially if it’s not something you need to do regularly. You may not have people in place within your business who are experienced in finding the right candidate and the additional work, on top of their usual duties, may add extra pressure on your HR team. A specialist recruitment company could be the ideal solution to finding your perfect new hire.

        Read on to find out why you should use a recruitment agency for the best results.

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        1. Experience In Identifying The Right Candidates

        Recruitment specialists spend their days focusing on nothing else but learning their particular industry needs and dealing with employers and prospective candidates. It’s their bread and butter. With such expert knowledge and experience, they can keep your company from making an expensive mistake by avoiding poor candidates for your roles.

        1. Find Hard To Reach Candidates

        Your ideal candidate may already have a job elsewhere and may not be actively looking to move to a new company. These people are difficult to reach if you don’t know what you’re doing and you don’t have the contacts to find them. A good recruitment consultant will have the experience and the contacts to find these people and approach them in the right way. They will advertise in the right places, both online and offline, but if needed, your recruitment consultant will actively search out excellent candidates.

        1. Salary Negotiation

        Professional recruitment specialists already know the standard salaries and benefits expected for a role like yours. They know what other companies are paying and what candidates will expect. This saves you time in researching and lets you know what to expect so you know you’re offering a fair salary and on a level with other employers. Your agency can also negotiate salaries on your behalf.

        1. Most Of The Work Done For You

        Before you even see your final selection of candidates, a recruitment agency will have brought all their experience to advertising in the right places, going through CVs, pre-screening candidates and interviewing to narrow down the right people to send to you for final interviews. They will also take up references for you, perform DBS checks, if needed, make final offers to candidates and inform unsuccessful applicants. Think of how much time and money you’re saving by not having to do any of that!

        1. Industry Insights

        Many recruitment consultants and agencies specialise in particular areas and industries, giving them vast knowledge and experience of the current job markets and trends, salaries, what benefits people now expect and other extremely valuable industry insights that you could otherwise miss out on.

        With all those benefits of using a great agency, it’s not really a question of why do businesses use recruitment agencies, but more a question of why wouldn’t you? To speak to a recruitment specialist at Headway, contact us today.

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