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    5 Reasons Why Staff Turnover Is So High In Your Business

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        Many businesses across many sectors struggle to retain staff. But having to replace team members with new employees who need training and time to get to grips with everything in their new workplace is time consuming and stressful, which is why most employers would rather avoid it and hang onto the staff they already have.

        So let’s take a look at 5 reasons for high staff turnover…

        1. Poor Management

        Some companies are just not very well managed. HR is barely functional, communication is poor, the rules keep changing, and things like this confuse some employees and make them uncomfortable, which could trigger them to start looking elsewhere for a workplace that they feel more at home at.

        1. No Work/Life Balance

        Studies have shown time and time again that a lack of work/life balance is a consistent reason for employees leaving their employer. In the modern world the lines between on and off work are becoming increasingly blurred, and many employers rely on the old working life of the past while expecting their employees to be on call 24/7, so it’s no wonder that many people get sick of it and leave.

        1. Too Much Work

        Sometimes the workload is just too high. The tricky part is identifying this when your employee manages to get everything done on time – that doesn’t necessarily mean that the workload is fine for them. If an employee has to stretch themselves every day in order to meet their quotas, they will quickly burn out.

        1. No Recognition

        No matter how hard some people work, they never get a ‘thank you’, and this can wear a person down over time. A job often starts to feel meaningless when hours of hard work lead to no acknowledgement, and many people will start to think their energy is being wasted on a thankless task, and the grass starts to look greener on the other side.

        1. Poor Company Culture

        Company culture can comprise of many things, depending on the business. Culture covers everything from rules to attitude in the workplace and if the company culture isn’t in the best shape, many employees will feel it and it will give them a serious knock.

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        For more advice on how to reduce turnover in the workplace, check out our article on how to keep staff motivated, or maybe have a read of our four great ideas for a Friday office wind down to cheer your team up as we come to the end of the Summer. Call us today if you’re struggling with employee turnover and you need some temporary staff members to cover you until Christmas.

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