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    5 Non-Negotiable Exit Interview Questions To Help Reverse High Staff Turnover

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        It’s usually a disappointment to lose a team member. Of course, if said team member has been showing up an hour late every day, having to replace them may come as a relief. Nevertheless, you can learn something from every single person who decides to leave your company. Even if they walk out the door hurling abuse over their shoulder, that’ll teach you something too!

        Read on to find out the exit interview questions that you should always ask ex-employees before they leave the building for the very last time…

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        5 Non-Negotiable Exit Interview Questions

        1. Why Are You Leaving?

        Find out the truth from your ex-employee now that they don’t have to fear the repercussions. Is the workload too high, the pay too low, or a bullying colleague terrorising your team? Once you know the truth, you can tackle the problem.

        1. Was Your Boss An Effective Boss?

        Not every leader is meant to lead. Some people fall into the role thanks due to length of service or a lack of other candidates for the role. Speaking to your employees who are leaving can help you to understand if their manager is really managing their team.

        1. Did You Feel Appreciated Here?

        Sometimes the boss is great, the teammates are fun, and the work is even enjoyable, but it’s nice to get a “well done” too every now and then, and some people really crave that recognition in order to feel fulfilled.

        1. How Could We Have Persuaded You To Stay?

        Similar to question 1, but this question really cuts straight through all the noise and gives you a clear understand of how this situation could have turned out very differently. You can take this information and apply it to other employees going forwards.

        1. Would You Recommend Us To A Friend?

        Sometimes a “yes” or “no” tells you all you need to know and can set you on the right path to making some serious positive changes in your office.

        Build Your Dream Team With Headway Recruitment

        Hiring and firing is a difficult process, but you can  make it easier by looking at the details and learning to spot patterns. If more than one employee has told you that they have the same difficult team member, they’re struggling to pay their rent, or they’re finding the job just too difficult, those are areas to pay attention to. On the other hand, don’t wait for a pattern to emerge and, for example, ignore someone who tells you they are being bullied if they are the first person to have ever said so – it’s good to catch problems as they’re beginning, too, not after they’ve been allowed to carry on for years.

        Headway are recruitment specialists who can help you find your ideal temporary workers. Get in touch today to make a start.

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